Rocky Mountain Ram



This is a very detailed painting of a Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram done on heavy 184 lb acid free vellum surface Strathmore paper using Caran D’Arche colored pencils and Micron archival ink.  The painting size is 8″ x 10″ but matting will make this a finished size of 12″ x 14″.  I have enclosed a progressive compilation of photos to share how the painting evolved.  Hope you enjoy.

The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis Canadensis) is one of four native sheep species that inhabit the North American continent and the only one that resides in Colorado. Bighorn sheep play a key role in bringing tourist and revenue into the state.

Known for their large muscular build, bighorn sheep can weigh from 100 to 320 pounds and can reach a standing height of three feet at the shoulders. Rams, or male sheep, have massive curled horns that often reach one complete curl before the growing process slows. Ewes, or female sheep, have slender horns that are much shorter and straighter.