Manatee in Reflection Pool


This original painting is  completed on 11″x14″ stretched linen canvas and was painted with Windsor & Newton oils.  At first glance you might think you’re looking at two manatees, but because the waters are so clear this is his reflection on the surface of the water  It could easily be hung with or without a frame.

Living in Florida provides access to these magnificent creatures.  Although they live in salt or brackish waters, they require fresh water to drink.  They are mammals, give live birth and suckle their young.  Until recently they were included on the endangered species list but because of intensive protective measures they have now been taken off that list.

Greeting cards and giclees are also available for this colorful artwork.  Please call for pricing.

(Text is shared from the “Save the Manatee” foundation)  “West Indian manatees are large, gray aquatic mammals with bodies that taper to a flat, paddle-shaped tail. They have two forelimbs, called flippers, with three to four nails on each flipper. Their head and face are wrinkled with whiskers on the snout. The manatee’s closest relatives are the elephant and the hyrax (a small, gopher-sized mammal). Manatees are believed to have evolved from a wading, plant-eating animal.  The average adult manatee is about 10 feet long and weighs between 800 and 1,200 pounds.”)

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Manatee Reflections

Original, paper giclee 5"x7" double matted to 8"x10", paper giclee 8"x10" double matted to 11"x14".